Sophie Dupont – Swiss artist

I have always been passionated by visual arts. Painting and drawing are a part of my everyday life. After earning my stripes in different companies, especially in both technical environments and project management, in 2016 I made my dream come true: creating a graphic design and illustrations studio. In parallel to that I opened the art school Arte Magica in St-Maurice.

I am very happy to put my passion, creativity and skills to good use for my clients. I love seeking new challenges!

​I love beautiful, classical, vintage, or kitch stuff. My sources of inspiration largely come from the imaginary and wonderful worlds of great science fiction and fantasy writers: JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis, HP Lovecraft, JK Rowling, Philip Pullmann, Frank Herbert, Christopher Paolini, Terry Pratchett, Jules Verne…

And despite all that my greatest inspiration comes from the Love of my life: Ireland. This is an enchanting and wonderful place, however indomitable as a wild horse, terrible as a summer storm, out of the common world, literally magical. This is this kind of energy that mainly leads me to go ahead with my business!

​To the pleasure of  meeting you and welcoming you to the workshop.

​Sophie Dupont