Sophie Dupont Illustrations

The Sophie Dupont Illustrations studio specialises in creative projects for business and individuals, such as logos, business cards, posters, flyers, greeting cards, labels, memory books, stickers, and layouts…

The studio is based in Switzerland on the banks of Leman Lake (also known as Geneva Lake) and collaborates with local as well as foreign clients.

All your creative projects are customised according to your needs and wishes, with a high quality service at an unbeatable price. Creativity, originality, reactivity, and genuineness are the mottos of the Sophie Dupont Illustrations studio !

How is this possible to get a four star service at such an attractive price ?

This is very simple: the Sophie Dupont Illustrations studio is a small structure with fewer overheads than a large company.

At the Sophie Dupont Illustrations studio the client is unique, we offer a valuable and personalised service, just like when you order a tailor-made suit.

Who is Sophie Dupont ?

She has always been passionate by visual arts. Painting and drawing are a part of her everyday life.
After earning her stripes in different companies, especially in both technical environments and project management, in 2016 she made her dream come true: creating a graphic design and illustration studio. 

In parallel to that she opened the art school Arte Magica in St-Maurice.
"I'm very happy to put my passion, creativity and skills to good use for my clients. I love seeking new challenges !"